Many of our clients come with projects that involve multilingual translation. This article is to ensure that they have ample information about what they need to keep in mind to have their projects done in an efficient manner with minimum scope of errors.

  1. While looking for translation services vendors do need to bear in mind that they must work with only native speakers and writers. This brings down the margin of errors by a huge amount as native writers are well versed with the language and understand the context to the maximum.

  2. Ensure that the vendor deals with the language pair that you’re inquiring about and have previous project experience in the same. Assigning your project to a vendor who doesn’t have the required experience can result in disasters and would mean rework which would cost you more money and time.

  3. Multilingual translation projects often involve more than two languages. This is why it is very crucial for the writers involved in the projects to understand the context and the subject matter. Ensure that the vendor you’re hiring has experienced translators with expertise in the said area.

  4. If you have a multilingual translation project that is large in volume, make sure your chosen vendor is well equipped and experienced enough to handle such large projects and has enough translators for all the languages involved.

  5. For a large volume multilingual project which involves more than 3 languages, make sure you prepare a set of instructions as per your expectations, an NDA if it involves sensitive information, a sample of the file format you require and also instruct the vendor to deliver the work on rolling basis so that there’s minimum confusion and you have enough time to get any corrections done or changes made if there’s a requirement.

  6. Ensure that your vendor only works with freelance or hired individual translators because if your translation service vendor works in collaboration with other vendors this would practically result in a pandemonium as the work would exchange too many hands.

  7. A large volume multilingual translation project would involve multiple translators working on the content. Make sure the vendor has your work thoroughly proofread before the final submission.

  8. Last but not the least, ensure that your vendor has sufficient technical caliber and backup resources before you hand over a multilingual translation project to them.

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