Simply put, subtitle translation is basically translating video or audio of one language into another language with the help of written subtitles.


You might think that if my content is already subtitled in English, why do I need to get it translated in multiple languages? The message of the content is already being clearly delivered to the target audience. But, just stop and think about it. Is it really reaching all of your target audience? Despite of the fact that English is one language that is spoken by millions globally, English is not the first spoken language or the native language in many countries. In countries like China, Chinese happens to be the first or the native language, which is actually spoke in various dialects like Mandarin (approximately 950 million native speakers), Cantonese etc. In a country like India, where we think Hindi is the National language, it is actually spoken by only 26% of the total population. Let’s not even talk about the Indians living or settled overseas. In other Asian countries like Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the first language is their own native language and English happens to take a backstage. You would be surprised that the population of English speaking people is even lower in the Middle-Eastern countries. Coming to the European nations, various versions of Spanish, French and German are more commonly spoken than English. So, now do you understand why you need subtitle translation if you are aiming to reach the maximum number of your target audience?


It is of utmost importance that you remember that something like subtitle translation should only be done by a trained linguist or a professional translator. For this reason alone, you need to ensure that you approach a reliable translation agency to work on your projects rather than a freelancer. Though freelancers would always seem to be a more cost effective option, please bear in mind that not all of them are trained or experienced enough to understand the context or the complexities of your content. Also, they might not be trained enough to handle already timecoded subtitles, which means even a small accidental error can result in rework which would not just effect your budget but also your schedule.

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