From time to time, many of you must have come across the term technical authoring or technical writing while trying to acquire translation services. This article would give you a brief insight on what is technical authoring, what it involves and how it is different from translation.


The job of a technical author is to convert the complicated and difficult language of a content into something that is understandable and relatable for the common audience. Usually, a technical author might be used to translate the content of technical guidelines, instruction manuals, science or medical journals, design specifications etc. It is very crucial for a technical author to have excellent command over both the source and the target language, an in depth knowledge of their area of expertise, research skills and a creative streak to produce accurate, clear and concise reading content. It is also imperative that a technical author understands the need and reach of the target audience so that the content they produce is relatable and easy to understand. Since many technical authoring projects would also involve DTP, it would help if they have a prowess in that area as well.


Many of you might confuse Technical authoring with Translation. But, the two are different in many distinctive ways. Give below are few reasons why:

  1. While translation involves directly converting content from one language to another, technical authoring involves creative writing as the language and the content needs to be clear and understandable for the target audience.

  2. Technical authoring demands a certain level of expertise for the writer to understand jargons and technical terminologies and accurately convert them.

  3. A technical author would require excellent research skills as they would need to understand the context of the subject to get the context right while a translator simply requires a hold on the language.

  4. Many a times a technical author would also be required to do DTP work as they would require to use illustrations, pictures, graphs and images to make the content easy to grasp but that is not required of a translator.

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