What is subtitling all about?

Subtitling as we commonly know, is the method of translating video or audio content of one language to another. The process of subtitling makes it easier for people to understand various languages making the content more enjoyable and relatable.

Access by all, for all – A wise move, a smart choice

We might think at one point why do we even need subtitles and how does it really make a difference?

So, here are a few reasons why we need t get our videos subtitled:

  1. Most of the internet users, especially the ones on a social media platform, watch posted videos on mute. Subtitles help them to understand the content better hence making more enjoyable.

  2. In this day and time, we want our content to reach out to all sorts of masses. A video or audio without subtitles, fails to do so since people who are deaf or hard of hearing can’t access the content.

  3. Subtitles also help when you’re watching or listening to content in a crowded place or have bad speakers, making it a hassle free experience.

Subtitles help the internet users to understand the content better

Types of Subtitles:

  1. Open Subtitles- These type of subtitles are basically added to the main video and cannot be removed or switched off hence making it “Open to All”.

  2. Closed Captioning- These types of subtitles are pre-rendered and added on top of the main video through minute video frames and timestamps. You can turn off these subtitles and also change the language.

  3. SDH- Also known as Subtitles for deaf and hard of hearing, this type of subtitles also include sound effects in text along with the content to make it better to relate and more enjoyable for those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Who should you approach for subtitling?

There are various companies, large and small scale, providing subtitling services in the market. The options are so many that often one would find themselves confused about coming to a decision. The larger companies charge a humongous amount of money for these services depending on the language and content. And smaller companies though cheaper, would not fail to disappoint in terms of quality and deliverance. However, you can consider Enuncia Global, while looking for subtitling services. Enuncia Global Media Solutions would provide you subtitling services that start at a nominal amount of $1.00 per minute or 75 INR per minute. Enuncia Global’s wide access to professional translators and subtitlers across the globe and efficient delivery process makes it easier for people who want their content to reach out to everyone at a reasonable price and best quality.