What is Transcription?

Transcription is basically a written or a printed version of a recorded history in an audio/video format.

How Does Transcription Work and why is it Important?

Business owners usually use transcription services to maintain a printed record of all their audio and video content to be used at a later date as and when required for various purposes. A transcription agency would simply convert your audio video files from speech to text formats. A lot of companies go for ASR or Audio Speech Recognition software to get the job done. But the major problem they come across is the low accuracy and low quality level of the document file. Therefore, it’s always recommended that you hire a reliable transcription service provider to manually transcribe your audio files which would have a transcription quality of at least 95 to 99 per cent of accuracy depending on various factors like bad audio quality, multiple speakers or languages and such. It’s also important to keep in mind what is the subject of your content and hire people who are eligible to do the required transcription work.

Turnaround Time:

The required turnaround time for a completed audio transcription majorly depends on the subject matter, volume and quality of your content. While ASR would give you a transcribed file in a few minutes, the quality of the documentation will not be reliable and might hamper your purpose. A manual transcript would take about 24-48 hours to complete an audio hour, depending on the quality of the audio.


Rates for transcription services are decided on per audio minute or per audio hour basis depending on the language pair of your choice, audio quality, subject of the content and type of transcript required.

Subjects of Transcription:

  1. Legal Transcription

  2. Medical Transcription

  3. E-Learning or Academic Transcription

  4. Research and Development Transcription

  5. Financial and Accounting Transcription

  6. Transcription for Film and Television

Types of Transcription:

  1. Verbatim- This type of transcripts involve capturing all information provided in the audio or video including fillers and verbal nods etc.

  2. Clean Verbatim- Unlike the verbatim transcripts you don’t need to capture fillers, verbal nods and repetitive speech and keep the transcript clean and to the point.

  3. Note Transcripts- As the name suggests, these files are kept to maintain a summarized version of the audio file to maintain notes for future references.

Security of Data:

A lot of businesses have sensitive information and data in their content and hence need to be careful about choosing the right transcription agency to do their work. Always look for reviews and be sure to sign an NDA before you assign your contract.

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