By now, I’m sure most of you have a very clear or at least a much better idea about what translation is and how it works. For those who still have any doubts, we have many articles on the subject to answer all your queries pertaining to translation. So, in this article I’m going to address transcreation. What is transcreation and what is the difference between translation and transcreation:


While translation is simply the process of converting the written content of one language to another, transcreation on the other hand is a much complex process. Even though it’s an aspect of translation, it also involves completely recreating the content in the target language but still maintaining the context of the subject matter. Transcreation involves creative content production and hence the translator must have the freedom and space to play around with the content without changing the meaning or destroying the essence of the original content. Transcreation is used mostly for marketing and advertising projects, literary projects and creative writing.


Transcreation is different than translation in many ways. Below are some of the reasons why:

  1. Transcreation is done by professional copywriters and creative writers rather than ordinary translators as the work involves creative recreation.

  2. Since transcreation involves creative writing, make sure along with the source content you also provide a brief creative conceptualization of the content so that the writer has an idea of what you’re expecting.

  3. For the same reason the pricing for the work would be different than regular translation projects. Where translation projects are priced at per word or per page rate, transcreation projects are typically priced on per hour basis like other creative projects.

  4. The way of delivering the message in transcreation would differ on the basis of the target audience. So, if you have more than one type of target audience, you would require multiple versions of the same content depending on various aspects like language, ethnicity, geographic and ethnic positioning and cultural values of the target audience.

  5. Ensure that you get a preview of the finished content before you launch the content in the market and have it well scrutinized so that the chances of errors or any major blunders are minimum.

Keeping these points in mind, we at Enuncia Global Media Solutions ensure that your transcreation projects are handled only by professional copywriters or creative writers and evaluated by experienced editors at a very competitive rate. Contact us to get a quote for your transcreation project.