As a business owner you would want your business to grow and spread across globally to reach its maximum potential. The question you would want to ask is how is website translation going to help you with that? As a business you would need the help of translation services in various aspects from time to time. For e.g. marketing and advertising materials, contracts, legal disclaimers, instruction manuals etc., so that it’s not difficult for your end client to understand your communique. As for website translation, this is one more aspect and a very important one at that, which needs to be kept in mind when you’re addressing international clients. Given below are some basic reasons why you should consider website translation:


In today’s world, we’re not limited to physical boundaries and borders anymore. Thanks to the World Wide Web, everyone’s omnipresent. That should get you thinking about one thing. Is English really a Global language? You would be surprised to know that English as a language has 3rd largest number of native speakers compared to Mandarin which is the native language of China, with approximately 900 million native speakers and Spanish with approximately 400 million native speakers. Apart from that Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese are the other languages which have a staggering number of native speakers. So, is it really enough to have your website in only one language? The answer is No. The open market is extremely competitive and a harsh terrain. So, if you’re not able to reach even the potential clients of the top 5 native languages spoken globally, your business is nowhere near reaching its maximum potential. Hence, website translation is not just important but crucial for every business website.

If you’re not able to reach even the potential clients of the top 5 native languages spoken globally, your business is nowhere near reaching its maximum potential.


As we know, the biggest reason why it’s so easy for everything to go global is the Internet. So, if we look at the statistics of global internet users, it would give you a very different picture. English happens to be the highest used language by internet users. Confused? Don’t be. It simply means that having a website in one language in a world that practically lives on the Internet is no longer sufficient enough. Most businesses choose to localize and translate their website in different languages so that it’s easier to reach all sorts of potential clientele.


Most of us as business owners are not aware that search engines use the data of your website to generate traffic for your website. How do they do it? They do it by making probable suggestions of the words that have been most searched in various languages. What happens if your website is limited to one language? You’re losing on potential clients who are looking for services pertaining to your business but in a different language.


Everyone knows that launching your business in the global market is practically participating in a rat race. If you’re not at the top of your game, you lose. How do you get at the top of your game? By ensuring that your business website is the most searched or visited website on the Internet. In short, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the key. Having a multi-lingual website would ensure that clients from varied diversities and ethnic backgrounds can access and reach your business website, which would gradually result in your website reaching in the top searches or as we commonly say, on the first page of anyone’s search results.


Most international clients, especially European companies prefer to choose companies that have local presence, since it’s easier to build a business relationship with them. So, the question is why would they choose you over them? Having a multi-lingual website gives them the option of choosing a language that they would prefer to communicate in, which ensures that first step is taken to even consider your company as a potential vendor.

Do you now understand the value and the criticality of website translation? If the realization is just dawning on you then you don’t need to go any further. At Enuncia Global Media Solutions, we have professional and certified website translators across the globe that can help you turn your business game around. Contact us to get a quote today.